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  • Can a Well-Landscaped Property Add Really Value to My Home?
    Yes! Outdoor spaces are one of the first aspects of a home that are noticed by potential buyers, and are a great indicator on how well the property is cared for. A well maintained, attractive Greenspace adds curb appeal and welcomes prospective buyers, in addition to boosting the value of the home by up to 10%. Landscaping is also one of the few types of improvements that gains value as it ages, as the landscape fills out and plants reach maturity.
  • How Much Does Landscaping Cost?
    Cost for landscaping can vary greatly depending on the scope of work. "Landscaping" is often used very broadly and the cost for landscaping can vary greatly depending on the scope of work. It can cost anywhere from $30 for a simple lawn service to $20,000 and above for full landscape design and construction. It comes down to the service you are looking for, how large the area, and what features you want to incorporate into the design.
  • What is power raking and why is it important?
    Power raking is the process of removing the thin layer of semi-decomposed organic matter above the surface of the soil that accumulates quicker than it can entirely decompose. This is referred to as "thatch." A thin layer of thatch isn't necessarily harmful - it houses microbes that are instrumental to the decomposition process, and protects the roots of the grass from the hot summer sun. However, when the thatch layer exceeds 1/2" deep, it blocks water, oxygen, and other nutrients from permeating into the roots of the grass, which then warrants power raking. Power raking should be performed in early spring, before the grass starts to become green.
  • What is aeration and why is it important?
    Aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of soil from the lawn. Aeration enhances the movement of water and fertilizer into the root system of the lawn, reduces soil compaction, and will increase your lawn's tolerance to heat and drought. Turf that is above heavy soils or under heavy foot traffic require more frequent aeration. The best time of year for aerating is early fall or spring.
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